University of East Sarajevo (BOSNIA)


The University of East Sarajevo is a govt. university in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Faculty of Medicine is located in Foča and was founded in 1993, making it one among the oldest medical faculties to study MBBS in Europe. The faculty of medicine at the University of East Sarajevo has a facility spanning over 6000 sq. meters, equipped with modern infrastructure for high-quality education. The Faculty of Medicine, Foca is a respectable teaching institution and its diploma is highly recognized and accepted across Europe and the world.

The university has a well-trained and experienced faculty. The university also has its own hospital that has a good inflow of patients for students to interact, experience, practice and learn. The university has its own class-leading dormitory (hostel) for students to stay and pursue their studies. Not to mention that the tuition fees is also quite affordable for the high-equality European education.

Faculty of Medicine at University of East Sarajevo is approved by the World Health Organization. The university is listed by FAIMER and World Federation for Medical Education in the world directory of medical schools. Hence, students from India and other countries can study and earn their degree at University of East Sarajevo.