David Tvildiani Medical University

DTMU India is the exclusive international admission office of David Tvildiani Medical University, Tbilisi, Georgia. We provide all the information about university, academics, logistics etc, and assist the aspiring students to procure admission.

Our team at DTMU India comprising of people who are Georgian by nationality, help aspiring students get acclimatized with Georgian culture and traditions before they leave for Georgia. DTMU India team provides all the information required by students and their parents, and clarifies all doubts which are created by agents who promote sub standard universities abroad. We understand the importance of correct information and guidance and we have no financial transactions with anyone in India – and it is the main reason why the information provided by DTMU India team is completely unbiased.

Note: Before taking admission in any university in Georgia! It is important for all students to connect with us before they take any decision about MBBS in Georgia as we provide facts and figures and also encourage the students to do their own research.

DTMU India team encourages students to ask the right questions.

Please NOTE: Services provided by DTMU INDIA are free of any charge.

DTMU India aims to make a presence throughout the region so that students all over India have access to the best medical education in Eastern Europe. DTMU India assists you through a smooth admission process, guides you through the visa application and facilitates easy transition to Georgia.

DTMU is the best choice for MBBS Abroad.  The long list of testimonials adds to the credit of the institution, making it a desirable option for medical education abroad. Overall studying MBBS abroad is made easy, hence get MBBS admission abroad in Georgia with DTMU India is the best.

If you aim to receive medical education compatible with the high international standards and become a successful doctor contact us now.