Ukraine is a place where studying goes beyond the classrooms. Ukraine gives you a chance to enjoy intercultural life and learn from the best of the best and prosper as a globally demanded professional. Student life in Ukraine does not differ a lot from that in other European countries. Students study, meets new people, hang out, learn new things, travel around Europe, etc. Student Life in Ukraine is noticeably cheaper than life in other European Countries. Those who want to combine studying and exploring of the country with its culture and traditions may apply to universities in Ukraine. The cities like Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa etc are among the oldest in the country. Kiev is the capital of the capital of Ukraine. It is a center of economic, political and cultural development. Students who come to study in Ukraine and settle down have best job prospects among all. Ukraine is influenced by the Western European Culture and Lifestyle.


Here we go with the excellent reasons why you should take the plunge:

  • Low-cost MBBS in Ukraine
  • Simple admission process
  • A student with European lifestyle can survive by spending fewer amounts in a month
  • 100% visa assurance to deserving applicants
  • Astounding international faculty
  • Students studying M.B.B.S from Ukraine are eligible to appear for various licensing exams i.e. MCI screening also known as FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination), USMLE (USA), and PLAB in UK etc.
  • Being a part of the European Union (EU), English is a medium of Education and Instruction.
  • We work with Government Universities that are automatically and officially tied up with the government hospitals in the respective areas, where our students spend most of their time learning under experienced doctors from the 2nd year onwards.


To live contentedly while studying in any of the Ukraine Universities, the students will have to spend over 1400 USD every year for living costs. This cost is not included in the tuition fees of the applicants. In Ukraine, cost of living is comparatively cheaper than the other cities of Europe. But, no accurate figures can be given because the lifestyle depends upon the taste and demands of different students. So, the cost mentioned are approximately taken – Stationary – Studentsstationary stuff doesn’t costs much. For instance, a set of 1k rough sheets costs 2$. Other products such as pencils, pens, etc. are very cheap. Books – All content books are provided by the Library at University. Clothing – A branded and good quality Jeans will cost up to 15 USD, shirts will cost over 10 USD and T-Shirts will cost over 9 USD. Food – Food at Ukraine Universities is cheap for instance; for 1.5 USD the students can purchase 4 kilograms of potatoes, or 4 Kilogram Onions or 3l of milk, or other eatables, etc. The students can buy high quality milk products at reasonable prices. Travelling Within the City – The Travel Pass for Students via Public Transports like electronic buses, subway trains, etc. are issued by the Universities, itself. The pass costs only $5, per month. Travelling Around the Country – The applicants are offered with a 40 per cent concessions on the normal rates of travelling tickets of buses, trains, etc. International Travel – International Travel Card for Students is provided as the students get admitted in any of the Ukraine Universities. The students owning the International Travel Card are offered with a concession of over 30 per cent from the prevailing rates of the flight tickets.
  • The cheapest Medical education as compared to other European countries.
  • No ILETS and TOEFL required. No Entrance Examination.
  • Internationally recognized universities (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, PLAB, USMLE).
  • Various mediums of instruction English, Ukrainian, Russian.
  • European life standard yet low cost of living and traveling.
  • Moderate Climate around the year.
  • Globally Recognized Courses (Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa, WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, etc.)
  • Medical degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA), throughout EU and Various International Organization
  • No Entry Test
  • No IELTS or TOEFL required
  • Tuition fee paid on arrival
  • Cost effective (cheapest European education)
  • European Life Standard
  • Worldwide Acceptance of Ukrainian Method of Teaching
  • English Medium of Instruction
  • Better Job Prospects
  • Emphasis on Practical Aspects in Teaching
  • Moderate Climate around the year
  • Outstanding International
  • Faculty One of the Best Transportation systems in Europe
  • International Students enjoy approximately 30%~ 50% discounts on travel
  • Enrichment of Experience through Visiting Professors from USA , CANADA , UK , etc.
  • Participation of Students in Seminars/Symposia/Project Work, etc. in other European cities
  • Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe after completion of study program
  • Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in Germany , Sweden , Finland , Czech
  • Republic, Canada, Austria, Russia, Romania etc.
  • Three Months’ Summer Jobs during vacation in countries i.e. U.K. , SWEDEN and other E.U. countries
  • Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe after completion of study program
  • 100% VISA assured to deserving candidates